My first Civil War Diary Quilt blocks

I finally started to sew the blocks for the Civil War Diary Quilt!

It is a project I want to work without pressure, I'll make the blocks when I feel like sewing and it does not matter when they all get finished. I want to take the time to read the diaries in the book and just enjoy this new journey!
I'll try to use the fabrics I already have and hope they will look good in the end.

Here are the first ones:

The bag with Japanese fabrics is finished! The bag itself is easy to sew, only the front with the houses is what takes some time. It was good to buy a little bunch of these fabrics, one needs quite some different colours:

I sewed this little pouch a while ago, it is quite small, about 5" x 3 1/2" (12,5 cm x 9 cm), it has an appliqué and a little bit of handquitling:

It has now a partner and I think they go along quite well together:

I have some new appointments this week, but I hope to make some more things and finish some handquilting.

I wish each of you a lovely week!


Linda said…
Your cw diary blocks are lovely. I adore your little pouch and bag, very pretty.
nicolette said…
Your CW blocks look great! And ohh, I love the Japanese bag and pouch! I have some Japanese books, but did not have the courage yet to make something from it!
Herzblatt said…
I love your blog very much, especially the bag with the Japanese fabrics, marvellous!!! The Japanese fabrics are very expensive here in our shops, you can`t afford it....The blocks for the Civil War Diary Quilt are wonderful, everywhere in Europe I find these project at the moment....One day I will begin to make a "Dear Jane" Quilt.Do you know it?
I have got a sewing instruction for a crazy quilt, which looks very similar to your bag. If you are interested, I`ll send you this instruction, which is made of Japanese fabrics,too.
Your CW blocks are just lovely and as for your bag with accessories, very nice...
Ulla said…
The CW blocks look very nice! I understand there will be a lot of them. - I just love your bag and pouch! I have recently bought a japanese book with bags in it and try to find time and energy to start a little project from it soon.
I love the bag in japanese fabric
The smal one was lovely:-)
Have a kreative week:-))
eileen said…
Your Dear Jane blocks are wonderful. And those purses are adorable. Very nice blog. I'll be back to visit more.
Anne Ida said…
Your CWD blocks are wonderful! Great job! Makes me start these even more *lol*

The bag is beautiful, and I absolutely love the little purse!!
Kristie said…
Your bags are wonderful!! I love your Civil War Diary Blocks! They look very nice. I am also working on that quilt but I think I only have 41 blocks finished right now. I really need to get back to working on it.

I really enjoyed your blog this is my first time visiting, but I will drop back in soon.
mausiii said…
Hallo Suzie, dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut, komme bestimmt wieder, hier gibt es ja so viel zu sehen...GLG Tanja

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