I've got the blues again!

The best excuse to sew another blue quilt (the 5th I guess...) was to take part in a challenge! I have so many blue fabrics (specially after I finished "Snail trail quilt" for DS1) that I decided to use the fabrics from this stash:

I still don't know how big it will be, there are enough blues, turquoise and green, but I might run out of off-white!...I'll keep on sewing as long as I have fabric!

I bought this book from Marti Michell about a year ago, but I never used it.
That is what I meant in my last post about the "first time for everything". I want to use only fabrics from my stash, including the backing, and, since I have no big piece for it, using her method I can have a pieced backing. I just hope it will work!

Have any of you already quilted this way? How did it work? I would really appreciate your opinion about it! I want to try this method, but it is always good to know which experience other quilters have made.

Let's see if I get all the blocks done until the end of the week! Gotta keep sewing!
I wish all of you a nice and creative week!


Hello from Norway:-)
Lovely quilt in blue
Have a nice and creative week:-))
Herzblatt said…
Hi Suzie,
the beginning of your blue-white quilt looks absolutly great, I love the pattern very much!!!!
I love blue because it recalls the sea which I love very much.
I am very interested in the result....can`t await it....
I don`t know the book and I have no idea about quilting this way.
Much success with your blues.....
best wishes
Simonetta said…
Hi Suzie,great and beautiful project, I patched up the back with 3 pieces and then of the shed pieces with conflicting fabrics of color and at the end here and there the result almost seemed 2 quiltses in one ;)))Have a great week.Hugs
Suzie, your blue and white quilt...wow....so nice.
Annemariesquilt said…
No I have not quilted this way before, but I might just as well try it. It looks realy interesting and a great way quilt your quilt part by part. ( You understand what I mean !!?).
I will see how you are doing on this projekt before I rush to the store and buy the book..
Take care
Annemariesquilt said…
By the way your white and blue quilt are awesome, I love it!
Annie said…
Those pieces look great. I have pieced a lot of backs of quilts, in fact I almost prefer to do that now, as it just gives it another dimension. I think that book looks very interesting from a quilter with w HUGE stash that never gets used.
Anne Ida said…
Ohhhh! Another blue-and-white project! And your blocks look soooo wonderful!!! I look forward to seeing this quilt evolve :o)

That book looks really interesting! I haven't tried to quilt a quilt in sections, but it must be a great way of tackling a big project. Please let us know how you like it, if you decide to try?

Take care! And happy quilting! Hugs...
Inger said…
Lovely blue and green colors. I think it is so classic to use these.

Your book looks very interesting. It might be something for me because I have problems with quilting the very big projects.

Have a nice week.
Ulla said…
Your choice of colours is very fresh and cool and suits perfectly a summer project! Perhaps if you dig deeper you will find enough whites to make a big quilt.
Katherine said…
Oh, Suzie, I love the peek at the new blue quilt you're making. The colours you're using make me think of the ocean. I'll keep watching to see how this progresses.
Anonymous said…
Hello Suzie! What wonderful things you make- I love the brown and cream bag.

The blues you are using for your latest quilt are beautiful. An older lady I know was working on a quilt in sections like you are thinking of doing. It looked very good. She did it to avoid having something very bulky to quilt at the end as it was getting a bit much for her. I am looking for new ways of quilting as I'm not very good at it. I like the pathworking,(1 yr so far) yet I can't get as excited about the quilting stage.
amandajean said…
your blue quilt is amazing! I need to break out of my pink rut once in awhile and explore other colors! I love the blue on the white background. stunning!

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