Getting started

First I would like to thank each one of you who wished me well while I was sick.
It was very kind and it helped me to feel better! My liver and my stomach are doing fine now and I hope it will stay like that!

A little sneak peek of my challenge:

While laying on the couch I had plenty of time to think about the quilt!

But...I had to catch up with the sewing and I'm glad I could sew more blocks yesterday.
Now they are all done!

Then I wanted to start with quilting in sections today.
I sewed 4 blocks together to have a convenient size, added the batting and backing ( here I used a whole fat quarter) :

I did not want to do free motion quilting, here I'd rather have sort of a motiv, but then I did not want to trace it on the block!
I remembered the first course I took years ago to learn how to machine quilt. Her method was using a "guide" paper instead of tracing the pattern on the fabric. That is how it works, I traced the feather pattern on a very thin and light paper, put it over where I wanted to quilt and started:

I carefully tore the paper apart. It really worked! The tiny little pieces of remaining paper will get away when I wash the quilt. It looks like a little mouse was at work here!

The first section:

Here is the back:

I enjoyed quilting this way, I could turn the block around without any problems and the thin paper as a guide for the feathers worked quite well. I hope to get better from feather to feather, from block to block!
Of course, this attempt is not done, the quilted blocks have to be sewn together and there are the borders. Everything is new for me!
But if I don't try it, how will I know if it is worth?!!

So far, so good!
Tomorrow the journey will go on!
Please join me!
Tell me what you think, what you know or would do instead, and so on.
I love exchanging ideas and we can learn from each other!

Stay tuned!
Wishing you a lovely and creative week!


Kristie said…
Glad you are feeling better! Your quilt is looking wonderful. I love the feathers that you are quilting, such a great job.
Lovely quilting and beautiful quilt:-)
Have a great week:-))
Ulla said…
Your way of machine quilting is something new to me, and it looks perfect on your first blocks. I also love the backing, lovely waves suit the cool top so well. I'm looking forward to seeing you put the sections together!
Inger said…
It's nice that you are feeling better. The quilting of the block became very beatuful. I like this pattern very much, but I have never tried it.

I think this is something for me, small parts of a quilt and pattern on the paper. It is very interesting. where do you get your patterns from? Is it in the same book that describe this kind of quilting?

Have a nice week, og good luck with the rest of the quilt. I will be visiting you to se how you are puting it all together.
So pleased you ae feeling better Suzie...such stunning work..
nicolette said…
You’re back on track and it’s a very good track! I love your blocks, the quilting and the colours are great! What is the paper normally used for? I’m curious to try it... one day!
Gina said…
What a fabulous quilt it's going to be. I love the quilting on it.

Love and hugs xxx
Anne Ida said…
Your quilting is so beautiful!! And I love the feathers in these blocks!! Thanks for the tip on the paper, same principle as the "Quilting made easy" system (I have some of those, but haven't tried them yet...). I look forward to hearing how you fare sewing these quilted sections together.

Take care and have fun! {{{Hugs}}}
Annemariesquilt said…
You are very clever quilting this way Suzie. Are you free motion quilting on top of the paper?

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