A wonderful award!

I got a wonderful award today that made me soooo happy!
Thank you so much Anne Marie!!! Mange takk! You too are a very nice quiltfriend!
It is not only the kind comments and helpful tips, it is also the friendly contact that we share through our blogs that makes everything so special!

So I will give this nice award to 4 other great bloggers! Actually, I could give it to so many others!... But this time it goes to:

Nicolette, I love your blog and your sewings! You are so creative! Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog!

Lucy, your quilts and your blog are so inspiring! And you are so prolific, it is incredible!

Anne Ida, you have so many beautiful quilts!I love your colour combinations. It is always nice to read your comments!

Elisabeth, I really like your projects, the quilts and everything you've knitted, just beatiful!

Now I have to go back to some of my chores (...)
But tomorrow I will have more time to finish some of my projects!

Have a nice day and happy quilting!


Lucy said…
Thank you so much Suzie, I feel so honored! You made my day :-)
nicolette said…
Thanks again Suzie! You’re the best and so is your blog!
Anne Ida said…
Thank you again, Suzie! I feel privileged and honored!
HobbyMommy said…
You are so sweet! How kind of you to keep my motivation going!! Thanks for your kindness!!

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