Wind Mills Quilt is now ready for basting!

First I couldn't sew or do many things do to a terrible headache I had on Tuesday, the whole day I felt like my head was going to explode...I almost cancelled an invitation for a "coffee and cake afternoon" yesterday, but some more medicine and then I went there. It was very nice, but I didn't stay long. That was the right decision, a little bit more of rest and today I was feeling much better.

I'm really glad I asked for your opinion about the border!
I tried the other suggestions and in the end this is the combination I liked most. I think it looks pretty good!
During the weekend I hope to be able to get it all basted for hand quilting.
(The wind was not willing to cooperate when I took this picture!)

Remember the little quilts I was working on?
They are finished and already diplayed through the house. I still coundn't get the beds done for the Teddy bears because I need to find some mattress to suit the little beds. But there are enough place around to show the dolls quilts:

Here with one of my toy sewing machine and Giordano, the "jeans cat" (like the one I made for Anne) and his little mouse.

And here some little pillows.

This week I got the latest Marie Claire idées edition. A lot of colours and ideas for summer:

For blue colour lovers!

It is a nice quilt, isn't it?

The seashore is calling!
Just think of the sea breeze and the sound of the ocean waves!
I wish I could be by the sea!...

My DH says that he is always sure that I'm doing fine when I'm sewing or baking.
Well, today , thanks God, I did some sewing and I baked! No headaches, no sickness!
I made some cinnamon rolls and they tasted delicious with a cup of tea!

But, of course, I couldn't have make it without our sweet Mrs. Cookie!

I am hand quilting the last little quilt I showed in one of my older post. I intend to get it done next week so I can start some new projects again!
If this is an addiction, I do not want to get cured!!!
Do you?!
Happy quilting, happy stitches and everything that makes you happy!


nicolette said…
The Wind Mills quilt is really gorgeus with the red and blue in the border. I love your little quilts and
OMG your handquilting is so precise! Love the jeans cat and mouse. Wonderful post filled with goodness!
I’m on the couch tonight, with the new Marie Claire! Did you see that they quilted the alphabet in de white border of the quilt? You can hardly see it!
SG said…
Hi! Your quilt is beautiful...And your cinnamon rolls... divine!
Anne Ida said…
Happy your headache is lifted!

The Wind Mills quilt turned out beautiful! The borders look wonderful, great choice! Have an extra of those yummy looking cinamon buns to celebrate work well done!

The little quilts looks so great! You make such pretty quilts - gorgeous display! The cushions look wonderful, too!

Enjoy your weekend!
Annemariesquilt said…
You wind Mills quilt looks amazing with the blue border . A very interesting quilt and it looks a bit complicated....
Lots of nice pictures from your home to and there is a cup of coffee with cinnamonrolls too, thank you!!I can almost smell the new baked cinnamonrolls all the way over here..
My PC had to take a trip to the doctor again, Right now a I using my husbands computer.. That is partly why I havent commenting lately..
Take care.
Sonnja said…
The wind Mills quilt is beautiful and also the little quilts.
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
From the Netherlands
Annie said…
I love your quilts - I am addicted too and definitely don't want to be cured!!
Annemariesquilt said…
Hello Suzie!!!
You became the winner of my giveaway and I am so pleased it was you. My daughter helpt my out on finding you together with 37 other comments.
Can you send me your adress? I have been sawing on the givaway all weekend but it is not finished yet ...
I guess it will be finished sometime next week .
Have a great week comming Suzie!
Inger said…
It is a verye beautiful wind mill quilt you have made. And a lot of other beautiful work in your blog as well. And congratulation as the winner of Anne Maries giveaway. I think you deserve it. Have a nice week.
Carole said…
I don't want to be cured of the addiction, but at the moment I HAVE TO !! Too much work and the garden that demands all my spare time, and I'm too exhausted in the evening to even think of quilting or sewing ! Well it should be better by next week... but I can't wait, and seeing all the nice things you've made makes me all the more impatient !! And same goes for cooking...
Tonje said…
Your wind mill quilt is beutiful! And your little quilts are cute too.

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