I'm a little bit late...

I wanted to show the new wall hanging yesterday, but there were so many other things that had to be done that I just did not get round to it.
I hope I will have the time to baste it until the end of the week.
It takes me some time to plan how I'll hand quilt it, but it is nice to play with all the possibilities!

There is a wonderful giveaway by Kerry
Take a look at her blog, she has a lot of nice things!
Her "Honey bears flowers and bees" quilt is lovely!
I am planning a giveaway too, let's see how much I get done in the next weeks.
I'll let you know for sure!!!

See you!


Lucy said…
This is an adorable miniquilt! Are you going to handquilt it?
Anne Ida said…
That is a wonderful little quilt! Love the fabrics and the pattern you have used! How will you finish it? Have fun!
Carole said…
This quilt top is wonderful, and the squares seem to "dance around" ! I'm looking forward to see how you're going to quilt it.
And now I'm off to the garden, they say rain is coming back soon so I have to do what I can before it's there !

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