A great quilt event!

I'm back!
I have so much to tell...
I'm really glad I had the chance to spend three nice days in Einbeck.
It was a great quilt event, I had a wonderful time.
I met many nice people during the workshops, and almost everywhere was someone I knew, it was a pleasure to see them and to talk to them.

It is hard to say which quilt show I liked most, there was so much to see, to read, to learn.
The one called "My country" was so interesting, I love to see how women from other countries work, their own way and ideas for patchwork and quilts. It always amazes me!

Here are some of the pictures I took:

What really impressed me most were the ones about women's destiny and how they find a way to cope with it. Even if they live in extremely poor conditions and their everyday life is full of injustice and violence, still they do not give up, they raise their children, they do what they can to feed them and they are still able to keep their dignity, their faith.
Like the women from Afghanistan, the embroiderers are between twelve and the mid fifties. The older women have learnt in their childhood but most of them have not done any embroidery for nearly 20 years. By this one project Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative e.V. (German-Afghanistan Initiative) they sell their embroidery here in Europe. They get all the material they need and they are free to create their own pattern. These squares (8cm x 8cm) often turn ou to be artistic creations. This is the address www.deutsch-afghanische-initiative.de

These are some of the work that were done with their embroidery, but one can also make small bags, cushions book wrappers and so on. With the ones I bought I want to sew a book cover and also a little pouch.

These are the quilts from the Bosna Quilt Werkstatt
What started as an action to help the women during the war, turned out to be a project that now goes on and on. The quilts are made from simple squares and rectangles until they achieve a pleasant harmony, Lucia Feinig-Giesinger makes all of them. Then the bosnian women quilt them, they create their own style, their own way to tell their story.
I've never seen such beautiful patterns in this unique way, I could look at them for hours.

There was also a quilt show that took me quite long to see everything and admire such wonderful work, but it was not allowed to take pictures there.
Women from a group called "Alk√ľns" set all their creativity to tell the history and most of all, the tragic destiny from women all over the world. Women who fought to make changes, women who suffered great injustices, I coul mention so many of them...They died, but their stories will be told, they won't be forgotten.
When I get the CD with the pictures and the background story I can write more about it.

Then the show that also impressed me a lot.
The same group worked with a very difficult theme, breast cancer.
They all decorated bras with their ideas. There were funny ones like "a day in the garden", or a bird's nest, or the size breast "should" have.
But it is something hard, something tragic, something every women are afraid of.
As I walked along and admired the creativity, I realized how the decorations changed, it became more and more like a silent cry and then almost pain. There was one black bra full of nails with the title "Don't touch me". I also bought the CD and I want to see it again.

The last quilt show I saw was the one at Theater der Nacht (Theater of the Night) in Northeim.
I really love this building!
It is mythical, magical, full of misteries.

Take your time, sit down, drink tea or coffee, eat a piece of cake and admire the wonderful crazy wall hangings, wooden creatures and everything they have there. Or see one of the plays!
And if you are lucky to meet Barbara, then it is simply great! She is such a creative woman, full of ideas and bursting with life!
One can learn so much from her! I'm really looking foward to meeting her again in October.

I took two courses and they were very interesting.
I have some more ideas and projects that I would like to start right now, but I know I have to get my things a little bit organized before I begin any other new project!...

I think I'll sit down in the garden (the weather is lovely), sort my new things out and then decide what I can sew next.

All the things that I saw keep on going like a movie on my mind.

What is now more clear to me is what these quilt shows and all the beatiful work showed me.
Even when life gets you down,
makes you ill,
takes your joy away,
you must not give up.
Keep your dignity,
keep your faith,
keep your creativity.

Like the flowers that grow between the stones,
they come through,
they grow,
they reach the sunlight.

And when their time comes,
like the dandelions,
they will be carried away by the wind
but they will come back again and again.

Women do not have an easy life, specially in some parts of this world.
But women are the most wonderful and amazing human beings, don't you agree with me?

I wish you all a nice week!
Healthy, creatiave and full of joy!

See you!


Annemariesquilt said…
Hi, lot of nice pictures and interesting stories..
The town lokked very nice, thank you for the ride,,,,

Looks like you have had a wonderful time learning new things and meeting new people"!
lappquri said…
Nice pictures on your blog:-)
Have a nice week

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