"Good buys" and "bad buys"

In her blog, Anne Marie showed a" good buy" she made (lovely cups!) and also a "bad buy", which was some fabric she ordered and when she got them, well, it was not the colour she thought it was...
I found it was a nice idea so I decided to show you one of my "bad buys":

I saw this box from Moda and from the front cover I thought the colours were very nice and I liked the pattern too, so I bought it.
I cut all the fabrics following the pattern's instructions (one wrong cut and you are in trouble, that made me a little bit nervous, so here a minus!).
When it was all sewn together I was disapointed, the colours did not match as I expected.
It lies somewhere in a drawer, I thought of sewing a cushion, but I always set it aside again...

Here is the result:

But here is very "good buy"!
Actually I did not buy it, it was a present I got from my DH a couple of years ago for my birthday. It is a wonderful practical bag you can carry a lot of things!

When you open the zipper, there you are! Six boxes where you can put all your sewing "goodies" separately so they don't get mixed up!

Well, in the boxes they can get a little bit "untidy", but you always have them at hand!

I hope some of you also show some of your "bad and good" buys!!!
It is quite interesting to see what other quilters buy!

Have a nice weekend!
And happy quilting!


nicolette said…
I love you bad buy! It should not be in a drawer! The colours are a bit more outspoken than on the tin box, but they look really fine to me!
And I love your good buy. What a wonderful way to store all the sewing goods!
Annemariesquilt said…
I love your box , the present from your DH. I it amazing!!!
And thank you for bringing the challenge futher on!!!
Your bad buy.. Well the colours are not what I had Expected, so in a way I agree with you. But please finish the quilt. It realy does not deserve to end up in a drawer!!
Have a very nice week. I am realy looking forward to next weeken. I am going to Denmark with 4 other quilt friends. We are going to Skagen and a hobby fair in Drottninglund not far away from Sæby...
HobbyMommy said…
Well, I like the brighter colors and one of your friends is bound to as well. So finish that little quilt and give it away to one of your kindred spirits to enjoy! Love the little storage deal too.
Annemariesquilt said…
Hi Suzie..
There is an award for you on my blogg. Thanks for beeing a very nice quiltfriend!!

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