Do you believe I forgot about one of my quilts?!

It is almost embarrassing to tell that I simply forgot about one of my quilts!...
I don't know how that happened...I had so much fun sewing this quilt and I liked the results so much!!!
I finished it in January or February I guess (...Oh my, my memory does need some refreshments...) to take it to a quilt show. Afterwards I was so involved in doing so many other things that it just got forgotten!...

This is the first picture:

My DH said it reminded him of one old game (from Game Boy?!) called Tetris and that is how I named it. I saw the pattern in McCall's Quilting. I changed the size and some block placements so it could fit better (I did not have enough dark blue fabric).

I quilted it by hand and it was, as usual, very relaxing.

And what was the reason why I suddenly found Tetris???
I thought it was time to get the "Wind mills" quilt that I had sewn last year done before I sew the "Nickel Quilt" together. The "Wind mills" was almost ready, I just had to add the borders.
So, "add the borders and then baste it and later you can sew the "Nickel quilt" together", I said to myself.
What do you think happened?
Yes! On my way to the Wind mills I found Tetris!!! Isn't that crazy?!
I was surprised and also a bit upset at myself... How could I forget it? Am I getting screwed up?!
....Do I have too many quilts?...Heaven knows...

Now the problem is, which colour for the border?
Do you know this feeling?

First I wanted red, it brightens up and it looks wells too.

But I love blue, and I got this:

I'm still trying to decide...
Will it get a red border at the end?
I'd appreciate some comments on that! Maybe you have a better idea!


anne bebbington said…
I'd say give it a slim red inner border and then a thicker blue outer border, finally bind in the mustard yellow - it'll be a gorgeous one once it's done
nicolette said…
Blue, blue, blue, I love the blue! How could you forget about your fabulous Tetris quilt?
Ulla said…
If you love the blue, why don't you make a blue border and a red binding?
Kucki68 said…
Much as I love blue, I would have thought a mustard border, but in this case prefer red.
Gina said…
I'm with Anne. I love using a thin border and then a wider border.

love and hugs xxx
Anne Ida said…
Your DH is right, the quilt looks a bit like Tetris! A fun game, and a very pretty quilt! How you could forget about it? I don't know... :o)

Funny thing: Before I scrolled down and saw your alternatives for border fabrics, I thought "green!" *lol* But I really like Anne's idea!
Karol-Ann said…
Hi, just popped over from Nicolette's blog, so thought I'd say hi.
Both the blue and red look great, but I think I prefer the blue (but I guess it would all depend who the quilt is for and waht they'd prefer...)
Sonnja said…
I love the blue border.
And your tetris quilt is beautiful!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands

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