Problem with photos...

These are the blocks I have sewn so far.
I took some pictures, but it seems that there is a problem with the contrast...
The colors are quite fade in this photo. I hope I can find out how to correct it.
But I'm pleased with the blocks, and that is what counts, right?

I heard on the radio that the weather during the weekend should be nice and sunny, really like spring!
Maybe I can take some more pictures outside and then it will look better?!
Anyway, tomorrow is market and baking day and the sewing will go on too!

Have all a nice weekend!


Annemariesquilt said…
Hello and thank you for visit back on my blogg. May i link you back?
Lovely quilt you have made and the colour are great...
nicolette said…
Your quilttop looks wonderful!
I think taking photos of quilts is one of the most difficult things.
Anonymous said…
Hello! I am inloved with your blog and every one of your works!
Sorry, but my English is not very good!

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