Simply a nice weekend

Before I start writing how the weekend was,

Aren't the roses gorgeous?
I love yellow roses and sometimes my husband surprises me with them.
He brought them on saturday, "they were so beautiful, I just had to bring them home to you", he said.
These gestures mean soooo much to me.
I am so thankful and happy that we met!

First I thought it was kind of a bad joke or that I misundertood what I heard about the weather, it was grey and not nice at all on saturday...But we had to go downtown, both of our sons need new glasses, so the time choosing new ones and swallowing the prices (...) were well spent, the grey sky didn't matter then...

And then of course, baking was on my list! Fresh bread for the weekend.

Well done Mrs. Cookie! It was delicious!

And what do you say?
On Sunday the sun was shining!
Is spring now on its way?!

Look there who came to join us!
This little fellow was "taking a walk" everywhere through the flowers in the garden!

I'm glad you came, little one!
And I'll be looking foward to finding the lady bugs, they are so cute and its said here they bring you luck!

For the ones who also like to knit, I got this snail pattern from Anna
She has a lot of cute patterns for sale and also for free, her ideas are awesome!

For crochet there is the wonderful blog from roman sock
Her owls are something I have on my list!

And I shouldn't forget littlecottonrabbits
Her work is simply unique! I hope to buy something from her one day!

I also took the chance outside to take some more pictures from my blocks. I wanted to compare the difference by contrast and colors.
Well, if that does not make too much difference, I must accept that I AM a miserable photographer!!!...But, I think it looks a little bit better. No?...

This is the latest book I got, I know I just have to sew some of these mini quilts too!!
I like foundation paper piecing, it is precise and it works fine.
When will I start? Good question, I still have to sew quite some more blocks for the quilt. Maybe, "in between time"?!

That's all folks! See you!


Annemariesquilt said…
Funny snail finding its way through your garden, looks great.
Your blocks did better outside in the real light. Have fun..
Your blocks are just stunning, thanks so much for dropping by my blog....

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