Little cats, little bags and more blocks

First I wanted to sew a little bag or a pouch as a birthday gift for one of my friends, but then heard something that was quite sad and I knew I had to sew something else as a little comfort.

My friend Anne lost one of her loved cats. It got hit by a car and it was so badly injured that it died. She was so sad and I understand that, I've already lost pets and it hurts.
A couple of years ago she got a "jeans" cat from me, this time I sewed a couple. I hope it helps a little bit.

I sewed this little bag, it has a lot of place inside for scissors, pens, thread and whatever one can think of. Then I sewd a small pouch and now I don't know which one I'll give as a birhtday gift...Fortunately I still have some weeks to decide!

Once one get started...
I am glad I sewed some more blocks for the quilt! It is fun to see how it starts to grow and grow!
But I need more blocks.

The cherry tree in the garden is in blossom!
I hope we will have cherries this time, last year it was quite poor.
Charlotte told me that their tree didn't have many either, so I guess the problem was the weather.

And here there is little bumble-bee in flight!
Bees, bumble-bees, butterflies and lady bugs, you are all so welcome in my garden!!!
Please come always!

There is a great patchwork event next week in Einbeck, which is a very interesting and nice town here in Germany.
Two years ago was the first time they organized it there and it was a great success.

Susanne and I are taking courses on Thursday and Friday and we hope to have enough time to see all the quilt shows and other programs they have.
I just have to see the "crazy"exhibition in the "Theater der Nacht", the building is something awesome! Let's see if I get a good picture of it.

I'm starting to get my things ready, I have two material lists, oh boy, I have a lot to carry to these courses! The car will completely full!!

I think it will be quite exciting! I'll get to see some nice friends I haven't met a while, I will learn new things and I can see (and probably buy!) beautiful fabrics and stuff.

When I'm back home I'll sort my things out, take my time to rest a little and then I can write about my trip and courses.

Until then, have a nice time and enjoy yourself!


nicolette said…
What a wonderful gesture to make your friend two cats. It’s sad to loose pets, certainly so unexpectedly!
I love the cats and the little bags.
Enjoy your workshops and patchwork event!
Annemariesquilt said…
Cute cats, hope your friend is OK..
I can see that spring is a bit ahead at your place.. Very nice!
Sonnja said…
Lovely cats, bags and blocks!

The bears are made from your fabricks.
Look Beertje Zonn web-log.
Kind regards

Beertje Zonn

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