Going back to the roots!

After sewing with a lot of batiks and modern patterns, I really had the need to sew in country colors again, I love old quilts and country , warm colors.They always give me a cozy feeling, it is like they seem to say, " you are welcome! I will keep you safe and warm!".

Then, I also realized that , so far, I had no pictures of my quilts and wall hanging and my miniature quilts on my blog!!!

Isn't it funny, I was only writing or posting about things I was sewing or doing, but not a single note about what I have already sewn!
Now I got the photos on badgets, so at least they are part of my blog.

These doll beds are like treasures to me, they were exactly what I was looking for.

I still have to clean them and sew some new bed sheets and pillows, but..., the best part of it is sewing doll quilts! I actually have more Teddy bears than dolls, but they need quilts too.

So I took the time to look through these lovely books to find some inspiration:

Aren't these doll quilts sweet?

I just feel like sewing everything!!!

"Living with little quilts" is definitely one of my favorite books, the idea for almost all of my Little quilts came from this book.

The sound of this sewing machine is simply wonderful! It is my "old timer"!!
To me, it is the perfect one to sew little quilts and miniatures.
I am so lucky to have this one!!

I don't know how many doll quilts I will sew, but the more, the better!

These are the ones I want to hand quilt as soon as possible, hand quilting is sooo relaxing!
I think I had enough of machine quilting...

So, that was I could post today!

I wish you a nice week !
And lots of time for all of us to sew, quilt, craft, bake and eveything else!

Some of the last photos of a sunny day I had in my garden.


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