What have I been doing? Gardening, sewing, baking!

After weeks of ilness our Bunny is healthy again. Cleo was caring for him all the time too. He still bends his head, but it is not that bad anymore.This is what I sewed last week. I looked through my stash and then found some fabric that the colors run from dark to light. The idea of sewing curves, well, actually waves, and then cut into squares and again cut them diagonally really appealed to me. It didn't take long to cut and sew, but let's see how long I'll need to quilt it!!!

That's how my hands look like after working in the garden! But I enjoyed! I t was so nice to stay outside and "feel" the earth! The only problem was my back, oh boy, I AM getting old....Who cares about ages??I should tell that to my back, well, to my whole body!!!
It felt like spring already! All of the narcissi look just great, it is such a joy to see them in the garden. I wish they would last longer, probably in a few weeks they will be gone and I have to wait until next year again.

Who would believe that??! Just a couple of days after I took the pictures in my garden and we all were so glad spring were there, the snow simply came back!!!!
I know, I know, in the calendar it is not spring yet, but it was so nice thinking and feeling it was!...Well, it won't last long either and soon I can spend some hours outside.
Of course, when the weather gets cold again, what do I have to do? To bake, what else?!These buns smelled sooo good! And they tasted very good as well. They look a little bit different from the original recipe, http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/hot-cross-buns,1419,RC.html , but that doesn't matter, we loved eating them!


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