Lots of sewing

I am lucky I did a lot of sewing.
The snail trail quilt for my son was waiting to get its binding since January.
The New York Beauty was still waiting to be sewn because I just coundn't decide which way I should sew it together, it was so exciting to play with all the possibilities!
But then, I also wanted to get them done, so I put my bums in gear! Well, I should say my foot on the pedal!

It actually looks like it is enough, doesn't it? I thought so... Only 5 centimeters!!!

All right, I didn't panic...I "corrected it" and started it again...

To quote Cathy Miller (the singing quilter) :

"in a quilter's world it all takes time,
stitch and sew, adjust the line.."

I finally decided to sew it like this, I really want to see it done!

So, let's start sewing!!

It is growing!

And growing!

How do they look like now?
I am looking for a nice, a bit sunny day to take some good photos!
With this gray sky?...No....
I can wait! Then I will post the pictures!
Stay tuned!


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