It is Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!

From me and from Mr. and Mrs. Bunny!Hi, there! Happy Easter from me too!!

What about a little help from the patient and lovely "Easter" Snail?
He is always willing to help and he can carry a lot, believe me!! My spools of thread, scissors and who knows what!
And he also shows me that I don't have to hurry - what for? Take it easy and everything will go just fine.
All of these beautiful patterns are from Tonne Finnanger (Norway). I do admire her work! It is fresh, lovely, inspiring!
I have already sewn quite a few of her patterns, they are all over the house, in almost every corner, for every season there is a nice motiv. I am a great fan of Scandinavia! Their artisans are one of the best.
The books of Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen (Danmark) are also great. The nest time I'll make some pictures of her lovely creations.

Well, I shouldn't forget the chicks! They are also part of Easter! I have so many of them, it is hard to decide which one i should take a picture...

These are my country chicks, they all sit around during easter.
I'll sew some new ones next year.

Hey, where are all the chocolate eggs??

Should we really hide them outside? They will get wet!...What should we do??
It is spring, isn't it???

Look at me, you guys!
I was all set to work in the garden, just looking forward to my carrots, and see what we have now, lots of snow!!!

I was not dreaming of a white Easter!!!!!

I know the kids are all playing outside and having a good time, enjoying themselves and that is the reason why I won't complain about this crazy weather, I promise!

So, this is Easter!!!
I'll just go for a walk.
You just have to take it the way it comes!
See you!


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