These are the pouches I sewed in the last weeks. I am quite pleased with them! I still want to sew some different ones and some from old jeans, they are for a Easter Markt in march (I guess I still have enough time to get everything done, the potholders are almost ready and some decoration for Easter like eggwarmers and little chicks are on my list for the next weeks, we'll see!...)
Then I decided to get a top ready for hand quilting, and oh boy!...The basting did costed my back and fingers....Well, after a couple of days I finally started to quilt. The weather was just perfect for that! I was hearing my favorite music and feeling pretty well when my son suddenly came in holding Bunny in his arms .Poor little Bunny, he couldn't hold his head straight and was losing his balance...We went right away to the vet. Fortunately it is now at the beginning and it seems that he will be fine in some weeks. Bunny is such a lovely rabbit! Now we have to watch how Cleo does, she may get it too, and then we'll have a big problem...Our girl is quite a rebell!
I have some appointments this week, but I will keep on sewing! That's my passion!


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