I really thought I would sit down and write almost every day, but as usual, the other things just kept me so busy that I did'nt find any time at all...

We celebrated my youngest son's birthday, he is now thirteen!!!I can't believe how time flies by...I do miss the time when they were little, when we could cuddle and play, when they used to hold my hand for walking along the park, speacially when they would pick up flowers and come back running to give them to me, or the little notes with hearts saying " mama I love you". These two boys are the greatest treasures I have in life. Oh, dear husband, if read this, don't be jealous! You know how much I love you too!!!

So, let's see if I can remember the things I did and what else happened.

Yes, I baked some muffins and for Phillip's birthday I needed some help from Rudy because I had problems with my right arm. Unfortunatelly I forgot to take a picture from the birthday cake, but it was delicious!!!You just got it right, Schatz!


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