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Warm, busy days!

During past weeks DH and I were very busy, our living room needed a new painting.The idea of a new and fresh painting was so enticing that I decided other rooms needed the same. DH rolled his eyes!…Now he’s glad we did it!DS2 could come, he helped us with everything, though moving the furniture was the most difficult thing The garage  was the place where we parked boxes with books, curtains, decoration and everything else.The painting dried faster than usual because the temperatures were also unusual for May, very warm days just like summer. Then we cleaned the windows, the floor, white smudges everywhere! I sorted out some things (still not quite done though). We had work for days, but it’s not all finished yet, I’m pondering about new curtains too!
Now, the last part of our trip.In the morning we got to Slovakia.We spent the whole day in Bratislava, the capital.We started the sightseeing with the “City Express”, that’s how the guide called it, and, laughing,  she also told us that th…

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